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Adam Popli

"Climate change is at the forefront of issues our modern world is faced with and is the topic I focus my artistic practice around. Using art as a form of communication, I challenge my audience to think deeply about man's relationship with mother earth. Plastics, polystyrene, old electronic equipment, are examples of the waste materials which are fundamentally changing our natural landscape. I use various mediums to translate a dialogue of visual conversation, through performance art, photography and immersive installations. Through my practice, I have time to contemplate my existence as a human being as well as an artist. Delving deep into a place I feel I used to hide from, I analyse myself through my creative projects. There’s an intrinsic storytelling element to my work, I hope my audience will question and explore the meanings portrayed. The conceptual nature of my style allows for different interpretations to be made and spark people to question their opinions on reality and modern culture as a whole".

website: www.adampopli.com