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Katie Silver - Human x Nature: Water I

Katie Silver - Human x Nature: Water I

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Human X Nature: Water I

Silver drip
Your rain
on mine

Fresh heart cut
This leaf you grew

The centre of everything and my
Though too thin sometimes
So your drops


That heavy from above
We undergo the winter darkness
One and the same

With waves of solemn purple
Against my shore
So tall and so constant
You permeate down

But no more crackling dry spells 
Just a heat that burns it
Brighter blue
My water

A new feeling
And the life you give me

Baby blue
This young succulent

Open to anything
And always you,
But no-one else

Katie Silver has always had a strong affinity with nature and the outdoors.

She studied geography at Newcastle University where she wrote a dissertation about organic farming in South Africa, whilst living on two farms in the Western Cape. 
The impact of place attachment and environmental identity upon sustainable behaviours had rarely been touched upon in previous research, but is an area she has always had a great interest in.

This is a new series by Katie Silver: Human X Nature. Focusing on each of the elements, it was written with a mind to highlight the emotive links between mental health and nature, and how our feelings can both be influenced by and reflected in our environment. In each of the poems Katie aims to bring a feeling of hope and positivity alongside direct honesty. Her poetry is an act of release, whilst at the same time aiming to positively uplift others in the spirit of the way she believes the outdoors positively influences humans, and their own natures.

IG: @katiesilvr

Katie Silver - Human x Nature: Water II

Katie Silver - Human x Nature: Water II

Derek Glenn Martin

Derek Glenn Martin