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Katie Silver - Human x Nature: Water II

Katie Silver - Human x Nature: Water II

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Human X Nature: Water II

You come in waves or
Fresh dew and breeze
This new beginning
Your wetness makes them grow

Deep greens of the canopy
Stand tall
I told myself

But it’s hard
Unless you understand the impact you have

On their growth
And mine
Or your attention
Rehydrating the land

And my heart,
It says so

But it’s either
Too damp or
Too dry
Your heat,
Only works for some

Rivers rushing for others
Well that works for them

Each piece of land needs something
Different from you

Each plant and heart swells
To a stranger form
Or a stronger one 

But that’s what this is
Sapped and sweet
You make them
Fresh and ready
Always Listening to the

Of your shiver at night 
And silver outlines in the sky

In the morning 
When we wait for you to fall or rise upon the grass

Are they deep grey or shiny?
The clouds you bury in
And the deepness of your pools

Well the depths that I know
Depend on the day
And the way you make me Feel

But I’ll be awake
Ocean ready
Always waiting
For the next sound of your storm

Know this, without you
Nothing could survive
And definitely
Not I

Am I talking about love?
Or water

You tell me

Katie Silver has always had a strong affinity with nature and the outdoors.

She studied geography at Newcastle University where she wrote a dissertation about organic farming in South Africa, whilst living on two farms in the Western Cape. 
The impact of place attachment and environmental identity upon sustainable behaviours had rarely been touched upon in previous research, but is an area she has always had a great interest in.

This is a new series by Katie Silver: Human X Nature. Focusing on each of the elements, it was written with a mind to highlight the emotive links between mental health and nature, and how our feelings can both be influenced by and reflected in our environment. In each of the poems Katie aims to bring a feeling of hope and positivity alongside direct honesty. Her poetry is an act of release, whilst at the same time aiming to positively uplift others in the spirit of the way she believes the outdoors positively influences humans, and their own natures.

IG: @katiesilvr

Emma Stevenson

Emma Stevenson

Katie Silver - Human x Nature: Water I

Katie Silver - Human x Nature: Water I