Costanza Chia

Costanza Chia is a Young emerging artist from Rome. Her current painting style and imagery, is deeply influenced by the works of Niki de Saint Phalle, by her father’s Sandro Chia, and by her personal research into Childhood, Humans and Nature.

"I see Nature as a Mother, she made us, and raised us. Maybe even spoiled us too. I believe Humankind would strive by living more in balance with the ecosystem, like every other Creature. Perhaps  the reigning feeling of depression and displacement, so common today in western culture, no matter our comforts, is because we are growing further and further apart from our Nature and original Habitats. I came about the concept of looking at God, not as a foreigner residing in the Heights of Heaven, somewhere up There, in the way church school taught me in the past; instead I find Divinity resides within the very Biosphere we live on; I see It being our wonderful planet,  gracing us each second with its presence, it manifests itself with the Force of Gravity, Light , Oxygen and Water. Comparably to the Utopia of romantic Arcadia, I dream of Humankind  finding out one day that our true purpose is to be the ‘ Caretakers and Shepherds’ of the Planet , finding our Bliss by preserving its Beauty and Dignity, rather than going against it and abusing its wealth.

For  the moment, I am able to portray this message through painting and I hope to spark within the viewer, an affection for the natural world and a way to identify with it , by depicting kind anthropomorphic creatures, and dreamy imagery, intertwined with human like faces or behaviour, as to stop viewing us so separate from the Planet, or as more privileged beings”

My upcoming  and first solo exhibition, with working title  ‘Humans: Behave’ , will take place in the San Lorenzo district in Rome this February,  at the Gallery run by the artist Collective I have been part of for the past three years, ‘The Orange Garden Co.’ For this show I researched the theme of Anthropocentric versus Biocentric philosophy and values,  and will paste up the entrance room of the Gallery, with all the documentation I found that has inspired me to do this show and paint my pictures,  so  that the viewers can read them, take them home and spread the message: there is something larger than Life, but us humans, are not It. I will be taking this theme and exhibition to London for the Spring or Summer Season”.