Spotlight: pebblefest

pebble is an independent lifestyle platform that advocates “enjoying life without harming the planet”, it covers everything from green fashion, plastic-free living, eco-travel and good food. The magazine is passionate about championing brands that do good and “support businesses that have developed fairer ways of trading and making choices that lighten the load of your life on the planet.”

Interview with fashion brand Omnia Ex Nihilo

Omnia Ex Nihilo is a small-batch clothing brand based in Brooklyn, New York. Beginning with little but their own resources and knowledge, the duo Ashley Lana Wheat and Coleman Downing create beautiful, minimal, functional garments that are all produced domestically, in the Garment District of Manhattan, with a zero fabric waste policy and using only fair-trade fabrics and natural dyes.

Launching their first line, Foundation, out of their Bushwick studio in February 2019, and their second line Pillars in production for Fall 19/20, Omnia has a sensitivity to both environmental trends and small details that drives their work, aesthetically and ethically. In line with the meaning of their name, they strive to create everything out of nothing: making, but doing no harm; keeping the needs of urban living in harmony and elegant relationship to natural areas.