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Easy zero waste swaps for your home

Easy zero waste swaps for your home

Scouring Pad / Dishcloth - crotcheted from 100% hemp, plastic free + zero waste . Image by   lastingthings

Scouring Pad / Dishcloth - crotcheted from 100% hemp, plastic free + zero waste. Image by lastingthings

This is a good introduction for those who want to start living less wastefully. It isn’t as hard nor expensive as people think, after buying the essentials it gets easier and cheaper in the long run. These products are easy to buy in health food shops, online or in big supermarkets, personally I prefer shopping at independent and online retailers. Below are some tried and tested tips, tricks and helpful links for those who want to start their zero- waste journey.

Words by Isabelle Landicho

Natural rubber gloves

I dislike washing up without gloves, but I restrained from buying any for the longest time as they aren’t recyclable. After doing my research, I found this great fair-trade alternative. If You Care Rubber Gloves are made with natural rubber that can biodegrade, cut them up into small pieces when they get worn or pierced (like mine always seem to even with the utmost care) and throw them in the compost bin. — If You Care Fair Rubber Latex Household Gloves

Green cleaning products

I literally can’t remember the last time I bought fairy liquid. I am a big advocate of green cleaning products such as E-cover, Method and Bio-D, green cleaning products have a minimum impact on the environment both through their use and in their manufacture. Some bulk buy stores also have refill facilities, so once you buy the initial bottle you can just keep reusing it over and over. The best refill shop I have been to is Food for All in Stoke Newington, they offer a wide range of cleaning refills from toilet cleaner to fabric conditioner. — Green cleaning products

Cloth Napkins

Being Asian I am partial to a bulk buy, there was always a jumbo- size kitchen roll from Costco around our house growing up. And I don’t know if it’s just me, but I hate eating without a napkin. Maybe I am just a really messy eater. Kitchen roll does bio degrade but it takes time doing so, plus you’re literally throwing your money away. I invested in some linen napkins from Etsy that I use once or twice before washing. It seemed expensive at first, but it’s definitely worth the money. Plus, it makes us look really fancy when we have friends over for dinner. - Linen Napkins

Microfibre cloths

Cleaning cloths are cheap to buy but last about a second before they are in tatters. I always felt bad throwing them away as it seemed so wasteful, plus textile waste is no joke. I invested in some microfibre clothes that are sturdier, and have seemed to stand the test of time (more like 300 washes). I wait until I’ve used a few of them then throw them all in a 60 or 90 degree wash about once a week or so.  — Ecozone Microfibre cloths

Eco Sponges

As someone who cooks a lot and is dishwasher deprived, a good sponge is essential. Your standard oil-based sponges do not biodegrade, and the thought of those little squares of yellow and green sitting in a rubbish dump long after I’ve gone is horrific. Eco Force has a range of recycled sponges which are widely stocked, but as far as I know they do not decompose. I have yet to try them but Twist are pioneers in degradable sponges, they are made from wood pulp and cellulose and sewn together. They have to be ordered online and so shipping costs can be quite expensive, anyone who had tried them give me a shout! — Twistclean sponges

Cloth bags

My fiancé and I do a big food shop at our local grocers in Tottenham once a week. We prefer shopping there as we like to support the neighbourhood and they sell mostly loose fruit and veg. We load up using cloth bags I bought from Etsy and some unused shoe bags Matt brought home for work. Our system raised a few eyebrows in the beginning but now we have banter with the girl at the till. You can also reuse old fabric and make them into easy to make drawstring bags yourself. — Cloth bags

Interview with fashion brand Elliss

Interview with fashion brand Elliss

Introducing our newest Team Member: Isabelle Landicho

Introducing our newest Team Member: Isabelle Landicho