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Geo Knits Slow

Geo Knits Slow


‘‘This project was inspired by the process of working slow. 

Slowing down the need to have instant gratification when creating something instantly or the instant buzz you feel when buying something new without thinking about it.  We have become so used to having everything so instantly and I feel for me it’s really not a healthy way to go. 

Using the spare time I had between working a day job and trying to be social I worked on this project over several months. By calling the project Geo Knits Slow- although it is an obvious comment on fast fashion, it also gave me the space to breathe within my work and not put so much pressure on receiving instant gratification. These garments are a labour of love for me and it doesn’t matter if I make something in 3 weeks or 3 months.


I spend months collecting and finding pastel second hand sheets and fabrics which I then - with love and care - cut, shred and knit into chunky garments. Although this project was slow to make, that’s part of the point. I enjoy slowing down the process of making fashion and this project represents everything that is anti fast fashion. 

My work is about reusing the old and making it into something unique with a new lease of life. Each garment is one off and can never be replicated so the wearer can take comfort knowing each element is completely individual. 


I am inspired by my friends and the people I meet that become part of my ever growing community. I want to dress them up in pieces that a lot of love has gone into and makes them feel special. I also want my pieces to look big and furry without having to use fur or wool in my process. I found by using 2nd hand fabrics I was able to keep the project fully sustainable without causing damage to the environment. There is a never ending supply of thrown away fabrics and sheets that will just get lost in landfill. So why not make big hairy knits out of them?’’

Georgina Gregory is an Iceland based, UK born creative. She specialises in ethical knits made from homemade yarns from second hand fabrics such as bedding and bed sheets. Geo is currently working on her slowest project to date, entitled The Yellow Project in Seydisfjordur, Iceland. Knitting from found bed sheets and curtains and dying the materials using homemade natural dyes to create a yellow pigment.


Shauna Summers @shaunasummers_

Photo Assistant: Palma Llopis @palmallopis

Set Designer: Carina Dewhurst @carinadewhurst

Made from old sheets that will be used for future garments

Models: Sophie @egg.lemon and Archie @archie.fitzgerald

Clothing by:
Georgina Gregory @geo_knits_slow




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