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Reduce: Rewear: Reclaim

Reduce: Rewear: Reclaim

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Reduce: Rewear: Reclaim is an editorial that promotes conscious fashion by featuring second hand clothing. It calls on a Fashion Revolution as it actively participates in reducing waste, by re-wearing clothes that are already owned and reclaiming clothes that are pre-loved. Reduce: Rewear: Reclaim affirms that we are protectors of the earth, understanding that it is our home and our responsibility to preserve it. With a creative team mainly made up of women and people of colour, the editorial increases racial, cultural and gender representation by celebrating diversity and inclusivity; it captures a love that empowers a generation who are mindful of the part we all play in creating a more sustainable, ethical world.

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Gifted by Nature

By our very nature we are all gifted. Gifted, by Nature is the realisation that there is no greater thing to do with the time of our lives than to use the talents we are naturally gifted with, to make an impact on the world - this is the “Gifted, by Nature” movement. Gifted, by Nature seeks to create and produce works of art and entertainment that echo perspectives of personal freedom, happiness and greatness, in order to spark social change.

Look 1 (Camouflage):
Beyond Retro @beyondretro
Female gilet: Vintage Orvis
Female boots: All Saints
Female swimsuit: Zara (5 years old)
Male gilet: Vintage Weekender Traveler Air Vest
Male belt: Gant (7 years old)
Loafers: Massimo Dutti (7 years old)

Look 2 (Layers):
Both looks are created with pre-loved items donated by friends and family for the purpose of the shoot

Female beige blazers: Laura Ashley (second hand from an ELLE magazine swap shop)
Male barong tagalog:
Pre loved embroidered formal shirt, considered the national dress of the Philippines

Gifted, by Nature

Art Directors:
Emily Almodovar & Nia Sookie

Emily Almodovar

Nia Sookie

Model 1:
Vicky Pasion

Model 2:
Kio Briggs

Make-Up Artist:
Aoife Cullen

Shoot Assistant:
Anna Cabanlig

Henna Artist:
Huq That

Beyond Retro & the collective ‘Gifted, by Nature’ archive

Conscious fashion story by Fernando Torres

Conscious fashion story by Fernando Torres

Denisse Ariana Pérez

Denisse Ariana Pérez