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Where I End, You Begin

Where I End, You Begin


Inspiration is drawn through the comparison of the liberation of the female body and its earthly precedent, where questions of reflection, expansion, and empathy are brought to the surface, through the use of organic textures and colours reminiscent of dirt, grass, trees, brought by pieces sourced from sustainable brands, personal archives, and vintage and secondhand pieces.


Through the careful curation of garments from Vandag Studio by Head Fashion Design graduate Camille Van Dag, and designers Emily Collier, and Roman Serra, a beautiful critique is born, underscoring the notion that as much as we are ourselves, separate and idiosyncratic, we are nevertheless one part of a greater whole. A climate crisis rapidly unfolds at our fingertips, where sustainability becomes a topic of dire concern.


Where I end you begin was shot on 35mm and medium format film at Brookmill Park in South East London, as an acknowledgement of our inherent connection with our earth. As she breathes, so do we, as she is tortured at our hands, we too suffer.

Jessica Gianelli is a London based freelance multidisciplinary visual storyteller working across photography, film, creative direction and writing. Her work explores the notion of identity and looks and to form a tactile link between what can be seen and what is felt. As a recent graduate from Istituto Marangoni London, Jessica is looking forward to upcoming collaborations, and embarking on a Fashion Communications Master’s Degree at Central Saint Martins.

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Geo Knits Slow

Geo Knits Slow

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