The Earth Issue collective presents a fresh take on Stella McCartney’s recyclable new style

Interview with fashion brand Elliss

Established in 2016, Elliss is a London-based fashion brand creating beautiful and interesting garments “born out of a desire to create clothing using conscious design methods and minimal waste.” In a society where, fast fashion seems to be burgeoning and the state of our environment dwindling, Elliss remedies this. A refreshing change to the dizzying speed in which other brands churn out clothes, they take steps in ensuring that their business model is responsible and conscious, from the fibres they source right down to the packaging.

Latest Artists

3 Coral Quartet #1 2018 60x60 inches.jpg

Diane Burko

Diane Burko is a visual artist whose art focuses on monumental geological phenomena. To that end, she has investigated location on the ground, underwater and in the air from open-door helicopters and planes with cameras, drones and sketchpads. Traveling from the temperate zones of America to Western Europe, from rain forests to glaciers, from active volcanoes and to coral reefs below the equator, her art merges a vision that is at once panoramic, intimate and sometimes provocative.