Jim Frazer

''I’m interested in linear patterns extracted from natural objects and the meanings they can be imagined to have. I propose that this process of simplifying what is being considered draws out information that is not obvious and encourages contemplation of the form rather than the object it was obtained from. Such a rational process could be used to seek explanations for why things are the way they are. However, in tension with our desire for explanation, is our love of being on the edge of the unknown, and imagination is the tool we use to see into what we haven’t yet discovered.

This work presents an open-ended synthesis of information and imagination. I hope that the viewer will carry these impressions and imaginings with them to their experience of the details they encounter in their world of ordinary objects and occurrences.''

Jim Frazer is a photographer and mixed-media artist based in Salt Lake City, Utah

website: www.jimfrazer.shawnrossiter.com