Artist Highlight: Cathy Savels

Cathy Savels is a Belgian artist based in France. Originally trained as an interior designer, over the past eighteen years,  Cathy has been using her creative skill to produce original art works.

Cathy's works combine the traditional medium of painting with the use of other materials such as string, paper and cloth to create beautiful textured works which are both striking and accessible for the viewer.  Her paintings are always of a botanical nature and she shows the beauty of nature by zooming right in close to the subject.

The Earth Issue x The London Edition: Earth Week Festival

In celebration of Earth Day 2019, The London EDITION has partnered with The Earth Issue magazine on a week of programming and activations. The series will start on 15th April with the unveiling of a site-specific installation by celebrated Indian artist Svabhu Kohli and will continue with a series of panel discussions, workshops and wellness events all focused around the theme of environment and sustainability.

Independents and the environment // Stack Event

Arguably the greatest challenge facing us today, the environmental crisis can seem impossibly overwhelming. Covering a wide range of interrelated factors, it encompasses climate change, waste disposal, energy production, deforestation, and the pollution of the air and oceans.

Faced with such an onslaught of bad news it’s tempting to look away, but a growing number of independent publishers are choosing instead to engage with the problems, producing magazines that raise awareness and promote practical, positive solutions. For this Stack Live event, Stack will be bringing together some of the most interesting independent magazines dedicated entirely to environmental issues, to understand how they make an impact, inspire action, and do so while publishing sustainably and responsibly.

Elena Cremona at CINEMARE Int'l Ocean Film Festival Kiel 2018

The Diminishing Landscape addresses the increasingly problematic social and environmental issues present in Global society that places consumption above the wellbeing of our planet. The work acts as a metaphor for the loss and irreplaceable sublime nature of landscape.

The work is a large-scale projection installation that exposes the terrifying beauty of our ever-changing irreplaceable landscape, the destruction of Nature and the ideas of the Sublime. It raises awareness to this altered world and encourages the audience to consider their role within the environment.

Andrés Donadio: Visiones del Salto

Born in Colombia in 1986, Andrés Donadio is a visual artist who focuses on exploring the representation of contemporary landscapes. He is also interested in the limits of photography and the expanding possibilities of the digital age. Donadio completed his MFA in Photography at the National School of Photography, Arles in 2012 and a Master in Arts and Culture at Novia University in 2016. He has exhibited his work in France, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Lithuania, Latvia, Japan, Colombia, among others. He is currently based between Paris and Arles. He is represented by the L'Hoste Art Contemporary Gallery.

A Delicate Balance: Can systems of man and nature co-exist?

Chicago artist Victoria Fuller has an MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and fellowship awards from the Colorado Council on the Arts and Humanities, and the Illinois Arts Council. She also received an Illinois Arts Council CAAP Grant, and was a resident artist at Sculpture Space in Utica, NY and Ragdale Foundation in Lake Forest, IL. Her large-scale public sculpture “Shoe of Shoes” is in the collection of Caleres Shoes in St. Louis. Sound Transit in Seattle commissioned another large-scale sculpture, “Global Garden Shovel,” and she was commissioned by Comed to create the sculpture “Peas and Quiet.” In 2016 she was featured in Sculpture Magazine’s May issue, as part of the show “Disruption” at Grounds For Sculpture in Hamilton, NJ. Her most recent large-scale public sculpture, titled ”Canoe Fan,” is installed along the Huron River in Ann Arbor, MI.

Underwater Sculptures: An Interview with Jason deCaires Taylor

Amidst the chaos and decay of the plastic age, the filth, the waste and the lack of deliberation on ways to save our planet from complete devastation, another thing we could lose right now is: hope. Artists such as Jason deCaires Taylor convey to us that feeling, that if we act no, if we show reasonable measures to help saving what is left, to prevent our ecosystems from bing depleted, to not over-exhaust our resources by keeping in mind our future generations, then, there is hope we can count on. Yet we cannot simply rely on our optimistic exchange of the word hope. The key, as deCaires Taylor shows, is to take action.
Acting locally, thinking globally.

Take it to the Streets: NEVERCREW's large-scale murals highlight the effect of humans on the natural world

Creating large-scale visual pieces, the dexterous double that form NEVERCREW, provides an interpretation of the natural world and how we relate to it as humans, contrasting natural elements with pieces of machinery in their murals.

Using images of large endangered animals that are greatly impacted by climate change, such as bears, polar bears and cetaceans who are ''suffering the environmental changes'', NEVERCREW aspire to broaden the discussion on the environmental crisis and directly communicate with the viewer.

Blending Beauty Into the Icebergs: An Interview with environmentalist painter Zaria Forman

There is something starkly mythical encased in the clandestine landscapes of the Arctic. For many of us, it's a barren territory of snow; conceivable, though farthest away from our reach. Many of us could go through our entire lives not having an inkling of what's out there in the vast white area at the bottom of the world map. But for some, remote landscapes are a revered source of inspiration.