Lea Thomas is a multidisciplinary artist and musician living in Brooklyn, NY. Originally from the island of Maui, Hawaii, Lea moved to New York at 17 to further her study of audio engineering. Over the years she has incorporated the practices of traditional Western herbalism and weaving to build a healthy, rounded, and beautiful life. ‘Currents’ a solo exhibition of her fiber art, was on view at Trestle Gallery in Brooklyn in late spring. Her woven work, varied and responsive in its different iterations, is characterized by tonal harmony and connectivity of textures, and an abiding appreciation for the natural world: its beauties, its trials, its complexities, its resources. Her next album, a collaborative release with musician John Thayer, is entitled Blue of Distance and is due out October 4 via Spirit House Records.

Artist Highlight: Jessica Duggan

An explorative essay based on research found on the histories and meanings behind colour. Can colour be used to alter our perception to encourage a greener way of life? Jessica Duggan’s contextual report investigates multiple areas in which colour can be used to alter our ways of seeing.

Conscious Cinema Open Call


We will be hosting our first ever Conscious Cinema Event, the chosen films will be featured in an evening of entertainment and activism in London. 📹

Submissions are now open. 🎥 We are accepting films, no longer than 20 minutes about the environment and art/ food/ lifestyle with sustainability at its core.🍃

Entry is free. Send your film either via a link in an email or attach it in a wetransfer link. Please include a statement about the work and a short bio about yourself. 🌱

Email & with 'Conscious Cinema Submission' as the subject header🎞


Artist Highlight: Cathy Savels

Cathy Savels is a Belgian artist based in France. Originally trained as an interior designer, over the past eighteen years,  Cathy has been using her creative skill to produce original art works.

Cathy's works combine the traditional medium of painting with the use of other materials such as string, paper and cloth to create beautiful textured works which are both striking and accessible for the viewer.  Her paintings are always of a botanical nature and she shows the beauty of nature by zooming right in close to the subject.

The Earth Issue x The London Edition: Earth Week Festival

In celebration of Earth Day 2019, The London EDITION has partnered with The Earth Issue magazine on a week of programming and activations. The series will start on 15th April with the unveiling of a site-specific installation by celebrated Indian artist Svabhu Kohli and will continue with a series of panel discussions, workshops and wellness events all focused around the theme of environment and sustainability.

Independents and the environment // Stack Event

Arguably the greatest challenge facing us today, the environmental crisis can seem impossibly overwhelming. Covering a wide range of interrelated factors, it encompasses climate change, waste disposal, energy production, deforestation, and the pollution of the air and oceans.

Faced with such an onslaught of bad news it’s tempting to look away, but a growing number of independent publishers are choosing instead to engage with the problems, producing magazines that raise awareness and promote practical, positive solutions. For this Stack Live event, Stack will be bringing together some of the most interesting independent magazines dedicated entirely to environmental issues, to understand how they make an impact, inspire action, and do so while publishing sustainably and responsibly.

Elena Cremona at CINEMARE Int'l Ocean Film Festival Kiel 2018

The Diminishing Landscape addresses the increasingly problematic social and environmental issues present in Global society that places consumption above the wellbeing of our planet. The work acts as a metaphor for the loss and irreplaceable sublime nature of landscape.

The work is a large-scale projection installation that exposes the terrifying beauty of our ever-changing irreplaceable landscape, the destruction of Nature and the ideas of the Sublime. It raises awareness to this altered world and encourages the audience to consider their role within the environment.