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Wilson Oryema - Wait

Wilson Oryema - Wait


Wilson is a multidisciplinary artist. Working across various mediums, including, film, photo, text, and sculpture. His works primarily explore human behaviour and its effects on the planet, through several themes, such as, consumption. His inspiration for this primarily came from self-reflection on his consumption and what he gave energy to. As well as that, Wilson also was spurred on by the collective unsustainable consumption habits we, as humans, employ, which are having grave effects on the planet. 

Wait is an expansion on the works of Wilson Oryema around the topic of consumption and its effects on the planet. The book serves as a commentary on various types of consumption we engage with on a day-to-day basis. As well as the polarising extremes these can bring about. Expressed through short stories and poems, the book aims to provide a more relatable understanding of consumption for its readers.

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2 poems from the book:


Whether human initiated,
Or solar cycles. 

The Planet falling ill,
Or alien outsiders. 

Climate change is still happening. 
— What it is


Question — “What is the problem with our consumption?”
Our addictive behaviours will only lead to our destruction.
Having us. Gasping. For. Air. Like. A. fish. That’s been hooked out of water.
Or better yet…
The fish that can’t eat. 
Because the micro plastic it thought was algae. 
Is now clogging up its organs.
Artist Highlight: Ryan Dewey

Artist Highlight: Ryan Dewey

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