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Positive Activism: A Panel Discussion

It seems like there are more reasons than ever to become an activist. But how do you go about doing that while whilst also staying inspired and having fun? From period poverty, to representation of women of colour, protecting trans lives and opening up the conversation around mental health, meet the women at the forefront of today’s breed of creative, positive activism.

Curating the Sea Exhibition

In recent years, exhibitions ranging from major group shows to small solo presentations have
addressed the increasingly urgent issue of ocean ecology. This symposium explores the unique
ways that contemporary exhibition making can contribute to the discourse surrounding the
ecological devastation of the world’s oceans. At a time when the Natural History Museum,
London, has launched a new paradigm of scientific display by installing ‘Hope’, a blue whale
skeleton in its central hall, how does the display of contemporary art correspond and in what ways
might it react differently to these issues?
Interdisciplinary thinking and respect for multispecies ways of being in the world are frequently
positioned as central to understanding and responding to the current environmental crisis.

‘Curating the Sea’ brings together scholars and practitioners to explore the complex relationships
between marine wildlife, ocean ecosystems and human activity, examining how artistic-scientific
collaboration can address these pressing concerns through exhibitions.

Meet the eco-friendly, inclusive activewear brand Girlfriend Collective.

Meet the Girlfriend collective - a Seattle based athleisure startup who have been producing upcycled leggings that are fashionable, flattering and wonderfully sustainable. These  seamless, non bobble leggings fit true to size, are high performance, and remarkably, sustainable. All of Girlfriend Collective’s activewear have been produced from recycled plastic bottles. By plastic bottles, Girlfriend Collective have forged a partnership with the recycling facility in Taiwan to responsibly source, and ensure that 100% post consumer PET plastic bottles are turned into the high performance polyester used in their range. 

“After a bunch of science stuff with names like “polymerization” you get a soft yarn that is not only recycled but is not dependent on petroleum for processing and has diverted bottles from the landfill.”

KLIMA Open Call by La Peluquería

The consequences of climate change in our lives at short, mid and long term make it one of the most important issues we have to face as a society. It is urgent that the population becomes educated about the problem to generate public debate that eventually leads to local and central governments to adopt measures that crucially combat climate change. With only a short while before we go beyond a point of no return, temperature will rise resulting in a complete melting of Greenland’s ice and therefore causing the sea level raise 12 meters. The effects on the lives of species on Earth will be devastating. 

KLIMA is an Open Call for visual artists, organized by La Peluquería, which aims to promote the public debate about climate change, its causes and consequences. The call is open for any person without any sort of distinction. Artworks of any sort may be submitted taking into account the limits  of the exhibition space until May the 31st 2018.

A review of G.F. Smith's recycled paper 'Extract'

We use 4,861 disposable cups per minute in the UK. That equates to 7 million cups used in one day. Averaging out as 2.5 billion cups thrown away every year. To try and find ways to tackle this, British paper-maker G.F. Smith have released their recycled paper Extract.  

From Cup to Paper - A dynamic combination of chemistry and artistry transforms disposable cups into beautiful paper.

The Earth Issue x The House of St Barnabas

n the unrelenting brutalist environment of modern city architecture, we often lose our connection to nature and the inherent beauty it bestows. This group exhibition journeys our engagement with the natural. An expedition through untouched plains — our pursuit to scientifically analyse, domesticate and tame its landscape.

In the first collaboration with The House of St Barnabas, The Earth Issue’s inaugural group show features works from Jonas Marguet, Elsa Leydier, Jake Grewal, Steve Léon Brown and Elena Cremona. On display for six months in Barnabas’ Garden Room, of which the décor encompasses and extends beyond its walls into the courtyard outside, this exhibition attempts to capture the aesthetic essence of nature.

The Earth Issue is a collective of artists and creative professionals working at the intersection of fine art and environmentalism. In common, we share a dedication to raising awareness for the beauty of nature, using art and image culture as a driving force for environmental activism. The collaborators of The Earth Issue aim to highlight a growing interest amongst young artists to awaken society’s complacent consciousness towards our planet; to inspire and harness the power of social change.

Curatorial Statement: The Breaking Point

Throughout our journey on Earth, we have left more than a just a human footprint – we have reached our breaking point. There are some who yearn for an earlier world where humanity and living things seemed to exist in harmony, and who deplore the way we are destroying the world of nature...

No Stone Unturned: Exploring Perceptions of Wilderness

No Stone Unturned: Exploring Perceptions of Wilderness brings together five established artists who explore anthropocentric notions of the wild: Lissie Cowley, Mike Dodd, Alec Finlay, Melanie King & Jade Jamean Lees. With each artist focusing on a different aspect of wilderness particular to their practice, the exhibition will introduce themes of anxiety and fear towards the unknown, ecological issues caused by mankind, notions of tourism and media misrepresentation of nature and the way language attempts to make sense of the wild. 

The Earth Issue presents: The Breaking Point

The Breaking Point is an immersive exhibition, taking you on a journey, which challenges our need to engage in the infinite dialogues occurring around climate change, and the need to understand our role within the environment. The aim is to provoke ideas around accessible solutions, and raise awareness for an issue that’s becoming ever more intangible, complex and unsettling. Ram Vafa and Bertie Sampson come together to create works of art that question their relationship to our land and translate the detrimental effect that we as humans have on our planet...

Forms of Resistance

Forms of Resistance is a two-person exhibition featuring works on paper by Washington, D.C.-based artist, Miguel Rodriguez and Philadelphia-based artist Tim McFarlane. The show consists of 20+ new works on paper by each artist, with all work produced in 2017...