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Adam Popli and The Earth Issue at DISCONNECT art exhibition

Adam Popli and The Earth Issue at DISCONNECT art exhibition


The Earth Issue artist and team member Adam Popli will be showing work from his Iceland performance on Wednesday, 15th February 2017 as part of the ’DISCONNECT’ group show. 

The Horse Hospital
Colonnade, Bloomsbury
London WC1N 1JD

Disconnect art show poster

’DISCONNECT’ is a group show curated by X Events UK – a group of six students at the University of Westminster, London.

The exhibition is a criticism of society, and touches on the insight and exploration of the modern day issues our world is faced with. May this be the humanitarian crisis’ such as the fleeing of Syrian refugees or the total misconception of beauty standards, DISCONNECT artists will allow for all to be explored.

The curators of this show find it important to allow their attendees to feel this disconnection, to witness it and in turn reconnect once again. It is important to them to highlight works of art, which will create a feeling of empathy, as well as bemusement at the sheer explicitness of such an art exhibition. The aim of the show is to make one feel uncomfortable, guilty and shameful. DISCONNECT is giving their audience an opportunity to break down these emotions, which in turn will allow one to reconnect as someone of great awareness and social belief. 

The works displayed touch on themes such as equality, politics, the environment, technology among much more – whether you agree or disagree, it’s about the art work inspiring one to feel a (dis)connection. 

With a collection of artists from a multitude of backgrounds and various walks of life, DISCONNECT presents a variety of ideas, imaginations and perspectives.

Adam Popli will be showing his performance piece ‘I STAND FOR CHANGE’ with DISCONNECT:
Climate change is at the forefront of issues our modern world is faced with, and is the topic Popli focuses his artistic practice around.

Using art as a form of communication, he challenges his audience to think deeply about man’s relationship with Mother Earth. Using a variety of different mediums, reaching from performance pieces, photography and immersive installations, he translates a dialogue of visual conversation. There is an intrinsic storytelling element to his work, challenging the audience to question and explore the meanings portrayed.

Carla Cascales – Étimo

Lucas Seres Peltzer – Inhabiting the aftermath