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AnOther Mag - Ten Photographers Drawing Attention to Climate Change

AnOther Magazine had a chat with Elena & Maela and did a lovely write up on the magazine.  Rounding up ten of The Earth Issue's featured artists.

"It’s no secret that climate change poses a singular and ever-worsening threat to our planet, but the science surrounding the topic can be difficult either to penetrate or to respond to. It comes as something of a respite, then, to discover The Earth Issue, an online collective of artists which was founded to provide a platform for creative thinkers to respond to climate change. Simply by existing, the group bridges the gap between the statistics fired at bewildered bystanders via daily news headlines and those who are keen to do something to help but unsure of where to begin..." - Words by Belle Hutton 

Read more of what AnOther Magazine had to say


Vilde Rolfsen – Plastic Bag Landscapes

Jim Frazer creates intricate glyphs out of beetle larvae tracks