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The Earth Issue x The London Edition: Earth Week Festival

The Earth Issue x The London Edition: Earth Week Festival


The London EDITION x The Earth Issue

Earth Week Festival

15th – 22nd April 2019

Plátanos con Platino Exhibition Poster.

In celebration of Earth Day 2019, The London EDITION has partnered with The Earth Issue on a week of programming and activations. The series will start on 15th April with the unveiling of a site-specific installation by celebrated Indian artist Svabhu Kohli and will continue with a series of panel discussions, workshops and wellness events all focused around the theme of environment and sustainability.

Kohli’s installation around the glass cube entrance to the hotel’s Lobby Bar will remain in place for one week, leading up to Earth Day on the 22ndApril. Kohli’s stylized illustrations of flora and fauna offer a dreamy glimpse into the artist's love of nature and imaginative approach to art. Wrapped around the glass cube entrance, the artwork uses an alternative to vinyl made from Polypropylene film, as it is the lowest environmentally impacting material. It is PVC free, can be recycled, and it contains only two elements of carbon and hydrogen.

Alongside the week of activations, the hotel has created a special Earth Week Cocktail and will be donating £2 from each sold to Project 0, the hotel’s ocean conservation partner.
Limited Edition signed prints and framed works by Svabhu Kohli are available to purchase through The Earth Issue. For sales inquiries please email

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Ocean’s creation was inspired when Svabhu Kohli spent a few days on the magical Andaman Islands in the Indian archipelago completing his open water & advance scuba diving training which was a dream he had nurtured for a very long time. His diving experiences reshaped the way that he witnessed the world. Svabhu was lucky to have been introduced to the ocean by deeply passionate divers, researchers and scientists who shared his intimate relationship with the sea. He spent days diving through the most surreal waters & terrains and found that a new portal of life opened up to him, which he fell in love with

“She [The Ocean] left me in complete awe, I was mesmerized by the ways in which life has evolved on our planet and the magnificent beings we share it with. I came back home with a great deal of experiences that left me feeling so alive and soon found themselves pouring out as artworks”

This planet is our home as well as a home to all the species and beings who inhabit it, whom so many of which we aren’t even aware of. Our lives and daily choices impact these unnoticed creatures and habitats very existence. Svabhu wanted to share the stories and mysteries of what lies beyond what we see in worlds that are disconnected from nature. We’re all dependent on this planet and its healthy survival impacts the health of our own lives deeply, ocean conservation to Svabhu is a realization of that reality.

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Monday 15th April
6:00pm until 9:00pm
Private View And Unveiling Of Artwork By Svabhu Kohli

Tuesday 16th April
Foraged Cocktail Making With Totally Wild & Bundle Dye Tote Bag Making With SALT Textiles
6:30pm until 8:30pm
Join for an evening of foraged cocktail making and bundle dying. The evening will be split into two sections giving participants a chance to create cocktails in one half and hand dye your own take-home tote; a great alternative to plastic shopping bags!
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Thursday 18th April
You Are What You Wear With Katherine Hamnett, Cora Hilts, & Sara Arnold
7:00pm until 8:30pm
Join Katharine Hamnett founder of her iconic namesake label, Cora Hilts, founder of conscious luxury brand Rêve en Vert and Sara Arnold, founder of clothing subscription rental Higher Studio for a conversation on conscious consumerism and how what you wear affects our planet.
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Monday 22nd April
Wellness Day With Lani Rocillo
Sessions available from 11:00am until 3:00pm
To celebrate Earth Day, the hotel’s resident wellness expert Lani Rocillo has created a special program to nurture heart, body and mind. Lani is a healing arts practitioner and a musician. She has trained in Sound Therapy, Energy medicine and Shamanic Practice. She works with the mediums of sound, plants, breath and performance with the intention of opening space to explore and access our innate capacity to heal and realise balanced health, compassionate purpose and grounded creative potential. Lani is creator of Wisdom Roundhouse, a multidisciplinary healing arts platform exploring wellness and expansion of consciousness through the melding of the mystical, artistic and scientific crafts.
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Kundalini Yoga And Sound Medicine
11:00am until 12:30pm
Explore the cultivation of luminous life-force in our bodies - to heighten presence and awareness, elevate our creative spiritual capacities and return to realise a state of balance and clarity - through the practice of Kundalini Yoga whilst being immersed in harmonising sound.

Surround Gongs Immersion Class
1:00pm until 2:30pm

Be surrounded and immersed in the meditative vibrations of Gongs. Be guided to a deep state of presence, inner sensitivity and calm, where the transformative currents of the Gongs permeate our cellular memory - cleansing and freeing our energetic channels to flow with radiant and vital life force. Creating harmony and spaciousness in our breath, our bodies, our hearts and our minds.

Dream Weaving With Sacred Cacao
3:00pm until 4:30pm

Dream Weaving is a collaborative altar workshop designed to bring us together in a safe, sacred space wherein we come together in the city as a micro-community in a loving and creative way. This gathering will involve a sacred cacao ceremony, where we align ourselves to our feeling body, - restoring emotional balance, and allows to us communicate and relate with others more freely.
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The Earth Issue, Earth Day Party
8:00pm until 11:45pm

Join The London EDITION and The Earth Issue to celebrate Mother Nature and the launch of the third issue of The Earth Issue Magazine ‘Manifesto’ with live music and performances by Desta French, Manik Mc, Natty Waylah and DJ set from Coronal Loops.
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About The London EDITION
The London EDITION has all the hallmarks of the EDITION brand: lasting comfort, extraordinary style and an exceptional level of service in a uniquely individual environment. Located in central London’s Fitzrovia, The London EDITION brings together, in a delicate balancing act, the integrity and character of a historic building with a simple, sophisticated design sensibility, creating a seamless blend of charisma and ease. With 173 rooms, a restaurant, two bars, a dance club, meeting rooms and a buzzing lobby, the hotel offers a dynamic social hub where guests and visitors can work, relax, socialise and dine all under one roof.

About The Earth Issue
The Earth Issue is a collective of artists and creative professionals working at the intersection of fine art and environmentalism. In common, we share a dedication to raising awareness for the beauty of nature, using art and image culture as a driving force for environmental activism. The collaborators of The Earth Issue aim to highlight a growing interest amongst young artists to awaken society’s complacent consciousness towards our planet; to inspire and harness the power of social change.

About Svabhu Kohli
Indian artist Svabhu Kohli‘s stylized illustrations of flora and fauna offer a dreamy glimpse into the artist’s love of nature and imaginative approach to art. Each enchanting work of art combines bright colours, bold graphics, and intricate designs to capture the beauty and splendour of the natural world. With a tremendous amount of detail and a focus on visual storytelling, each magical, multi-layered work of art showcases a unique scene straight from the artist’s imagination. Kohli’s illustrations are equally inspired by nature and by fantasy, presenting a unique twist on traditional landscapes and studies of wildlife. Rendered both by hand and through digital programs, the pieces that comprise Kohli’s captivating portfolio demonstrate his array of artistic abilities and his versatile approach to his craft. In addition to a range of personal projects in illustration, film, animation and interactive installations, Kohli is often commissioned for album covers, book illustrations, theatrical posters, and even stage backdrops.

About Project 0
Project 0 is a new generation focused on restoring and protecting the ocean. Project 0 is a global movement supported by renowned scientists, business leaders, celebrities, campaigners, ocean experts and individuals from around the world, who are all working together to restore and protect the ocean. Project Zero are going for: Zero Unprotected, Zero Underfunded, Zero Overfishing, Zero Pollution, Zero Excuses.

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