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Glade Exhibition

Glade Exhibition

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No matter how much we wish for a different reality, our future is uncertain.

We can sit down blindly distracted and take it and or we can stand up and have a say in the flow of tomorrow. Here on the trash-ridden shores of Plymouth, three young and concerned citizen artists choose to surge against the rising tides. Through glass, ceramics and whatever they can find, they are showing the world that we have some big issues, and we can't keep wilfully hiding ourselves from the truth.

Bethany Antliff, Alice Antliff and Renovat Moody bring us part of the solution, 'Glade', a thought-provoking exhibition showcasing a diverse portfolio of pieces produced with love and adoration through many media, such as glass, ceramics, photography and illustration. The artwork explores a plethora of processes from traditional glass-blowing and engraving techniques to fastidiously intricate ceramic sculpting. The artists' array of work will be wide and varied, but a common thread lies woven brightly - their shared love, visionary appreciation and innate understanding of the natural world - harmoniously reflected back through each piece into the viewer's eyes.

Twin sisters Bethany and Alice Antliff work passionately to address the environmental tragedy and decay that defines life in this century, for example the criminal negligence of global warming and plastic pollution, to name but two. Through art, they explore the impacts on our planet's ecosystems, peering into their personal practices and habits whilst trying to restrict the harm of any footstep they may take as much as possible. To them, art is a powerful force in effecting influential emotional experiences within people. With their work they are trying to rouse these urgent issues in the sphere of public conscience, hoping to help with the de-alienation of man from the surrounding world, and the consequent destruction and exploitation of natural life that goes along with such a state of being. Perhaps one may see through their art into reality, evoking deeper appreciation and consideration for the extraordinary organisms left on our planet, that we risk losing forever.

Renovat Moody finds great pleasure in creating new designs, boasting unique work that is influenced by his strong African cultural heritage and, once again, nature. Renovat has been using the sales from his glass work to buy cows, and to employ workers to plant crops who also live on his family land in Burundi. He aims to continue fighting poverty and improve the living standards of the people through the expansion of employment for the rural community, and by the giving away of food for free to those who need it.

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A percentage of all proceeds will be donated to Devon Wildlife Trust in a bid to give back to the environment that has been the root of their inspiration.

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