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The Earth Issue Launch Party

The Earth Issue Launch Party

After much anticipation, The Earth Issue has finally launched!

The Earth Issue is a collaborative print publication between photographer Elena Cremona and Archive Collective Magazine, which grew into The Earth Issue Collective.

Taking place at the luminescent Lights of Soho Art Gallery, The Earth Issue Collective welcomed all their cherished guests and adored friends to the phosphorescent Bar and Gallery. The fluorescent lighting of the venue intermittently disrupted by botanical installations arranged by the team, was a strong expression of the intersection between art, environmentalism and the enveloping effect it has on us.

Beginning the evening, Adam Popli (events manager) took to the floor with some quick words to detail the evening. Following this, founder Elena Cremona, welcomed the sponsors and guests proceeding to acknowledge and thank the audience for their role in funding and supporting The Earth Issue, as well as the team's hard work in realising this project as successfully as they did. Outlining the collective's goal for environmental activism through art and visual culture, the evening continued with a provokingly inspiring speech from Katarina Hovden, advocating a clear message of natural and human coexistence, furthering for more reflective human life on our planet on behalf of Nature's Rights, which strongly resonated amongst the audience. Joseph Barnes followed suit, with a more analytical approach of our affair with the planet equally encouraging a contemplated approach to life on earth. Elizabeth Fleur Willis ended the speeches with a poetic composition of her own, epitomising the essence of The Earth Issue's ambition and aim.

Leaving the sincere and important issues to be taken in it was time to enjoy how far the team had come and celebrate the support they had gathered over the months. Ram Vafa dove into action, with an expressive live painting lending an insight for his upcoming solo exhibition presented and curated by the Earth Issue. The exhibition is open to the public on the 17th of February and will run until the 27th of March. The evening was musically accompanied by a top selection of tracks by local based London DJ, PlayingWithScissors and an enchanting and captivating live performance by singer/songwriter Feimata. Entertainment in place, there was nothing else to do but celebrate how far The Earth Issue had come with all likeminded individuals and team alike. Goodie bags and Press packs provided by Eco-Craft were handed out throughout the night with donated gifts and products from Forest Nation, encouraging everyone to go home and plant a tree, and Dela Foods.

At this point, another huge thank you goes out to all above named sponsors and representatives including O2 Think Big and Creative Opportunities, for assisting and supporting this joint venture. The evening would have not been the same without the support of the esteemed guests and the efforts by the Earth Issue’s team, special thanks to Elena Cremona, Adam Popli, Dipo Kayode-Osi and Maela Ohana, without whom this wonderful evening with its paramount and far reaching message could not have transpired.

Written by Niels Eng-Carlyle

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