Artist Highlight: Spencer Merolla

Artist Highlight: Spencer Merolla - Coal Comforts is a concept bakery in which traditional baked goods are replaced with inedible versions made from coal ash. An evocative material, ash suggests both personal mortality (ashes to ashes, cremation) and communal annihilation by way of mass destruction. On the face of it, these baked goods look just like the real thing, but close inspection reveals that they are not what they seem. The familiar forms of cookies and cakes generally evoke fond memories, but the confounding of expectations about what is on offer at the “bakery” invites the viewer to question the nostalgic impulse itself. Nostalgia persuades us that what is familiar is innocuous, and in so doing masks a harmful reality—that our overindulgence in fossil fuels has been—and will be—our undoing.

Artist Highlight: Ryan Dewey

Artist | Cognitive Scientist. RYANDEWEY.ORG. I do post-disciplinary work that addresses ecological and social issues by conjuring new tools and processes for collaboration with nature. But art is kind of a second career for me, I originally worked as an anthropologist, linguist, and cognitive scientist and I bring that history to my work as I look at embodiment, human systems, and ecological systems. I’ve always been fascinated with geology and geography and I starting thinking about ways people and cultures think about landscape and the environment and that sort of led into my current practice. I started off collaborating with architects and other artists to design installations with my collaborative Geologic Cognition Society ( and then I just started working more and more on my own. I guess I came to art through academics and research and I feel like that set me up to do the kind of work I do now.

Wilson Oryema - Wait

Wilson is a multidisciplinary artist. Working across various mediums, including, film, photo, text, and sculpture. His works primarily explore human behaviour and its effects on the planet, through several themes, such as, consumption. His inspiration for this primarily came from self-reflection on his consumption and what he gave energy to. As well as that, Wilson also was spurred on by the collective unsustainable consumption habits we, as humans, employ, which are having grave effects on the planet. 

Artist Highlight: Yuko Amano

I am a photographer and video artist based in Tokyo. I completed a Master degree in Photography at Musashino Art University,Tokyo. Most of my photographs find subjects in nature and animals. The images depict the subjects innocently and freshly, and each image has its own meaning and philosophy based on my interpretation of the world. I am also interested in ethnology and folkloristic, and aim to represent how the relationship between a certain place and human memory or recognition are changing in a long period of history. Since April, I am an artist in residence at the Cite Internationale des Arts, Paris.

Artist Highlight: Chiara Zonca

Chiara Zonca (b. 1982 in Milan, Italy) is a photographer based in London, United Kingdom. She studied photography formally after high school and that was enough to put her off the profession for a while. Ten years later, after a successful career in video editing and motion graphic design, she re-discovered her love for still pixels and exploration. She now seeks for remote and isolated spaces, documenting specific moments in time when changeable light or weather conditions alter her landscape perception.  This necessary shift enables her to see past the present and investigate the earth as a timeless, untouched-by-humans, dream-like entity. Colour plays a big role in her creative process and it is an essential tool to convey her emotions.

Artist Highlight: Roberto Fernández

I began photography in my thirties, building a darkroom at home and learning the craft by myself through books and magazines. Darkroom techniques were learnt via trial and error. My previous studies in Chemistry and my work for twenty-seven years in the chemical industry helped me a lot to formulate my own photographic mixings and to experiment in different processes.

Artist Highlight: Linda Finch

Linda Finch began painting while attending the University of California in Davis, California as a Biological Sciences major. After graduating, Finch moved to New York City where she continued to take art classes and later moved into children’s book illustration. Finch has illustrated several books with a focus on the educational market. In 2017 she entered the ranks of mature female artists and is now a full-time painter.

Curatorial Statement: The Breaking Point

Throughout our journey on Earth, we have left more than a just a human footprint – we have reached our breaking point. There are some who yearn for an earlier world where humanity and living things seemed to exist in harmony, and who deplore the way we are destroying the world of nature...

No Stone Unturned: Exploring Perceptions of Wilderness

No Stone Unturned: Exploring Perceptions of Wilderness brings together five established artists who explore anthropocentric notions of the wild: Lissie Cowley, Mike Dodd, Alec Finlay, Melanie King & Jade Jamean Lees. With each artist focusing on a different aspect of wilderness particular to their practice, the exhibition will introduce themes of anxiety and fear towards the unknown, ecological issues caused by mankind, notions of tourism and media misrepresentation of nature and the way language attempts to make sense of the wild. 

The Earth Issue presents: The Breaking Point

The Breaking Point is an immersive exhibition, taking you on a journey, which challenges our need to engage in the infinite dialogues occurring around climate change, and the need to understand our role within the environment. The aim is to provoke ideas around accessible solutions, and raise awareness for an issue that’s becoming ever more intangible, complex and unsettling. Ram Vafa and Bertie Sampson come together to create works of art that question their relationship to our land and translate the detrimental effect that we as humans have on our planet...

The Earth Issue Meets CRAWL ARTS

As a collective of Environmentally focused artists/creatives, The Earth Issue continues to investigate art as a form of communicating ideas, and harnessing forms of social commentary that speak to our contemporary image culture. CRAWL ARTS is an emerging London based platform, which looks at utilising art and education to engage with local environmental issues...

A Zine we support: RE-VISION

Bored of the language of environmentally conscious design and ready for a change, Creative Director Elinor Christie has taken on the role of introducing the concept that sustainable fashion doesn’t have to compromise style. By curating and showcasing the best designers, artists and thinkers leading the way into our future, RE-VISION invites the audience to challenge the way sustainability is communicated...