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Ram Vafa

''My job is to sit in the passengers seat and paint what I see. I don’t aim to make something that is saying anything, rather something that is listening. Listening to everything from its internal reasons to its natural inclinations. When all of these truths are acknowledged it makes your role in creation seem a lot simpler. I want to come across as transparent as my work. 

I realise how important it is to not only acknowledge our possessions and express on both internal and external levels, but to further develop our self-awareness, which can help us to highlight and address issues within our environment. The fluid movement of our rivers, the cut edge detail carved into mountain edges and the vibrant wavelengths within colours hat alight best with us, become my go-to. My inspiration for all shapes, colours and movement you see within my work; I have our environment to thank for that. Helping me attach the physical form of natures movements with the sounds that can be perceived within colours, allows me to create work holding more than just a visual value, but instead the universal language of humanity within our environment as an anchor point".

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