Zuri Camille de Souza

Zuri Camille de Souza’s work explores the intrinsic relationship between physical and social structures; the self—as spirit and and body—and Nature. How do we—as individuals and communities—interact with our Natural and built environments? How are these interactions informed by our personal sensorial understandings of material and Natural space and their representations? Working on a philosophical level with the many layers that form a web of sensual perceptions, architectonic forms and emotions—as well as their practical manifestations in urban design and human geography—she is interested in processes of design and art that are at once restorative and progressive, and that challenge us to question the sociopolitical and cultural restrictions we place upon our interactions with, and within, our architectural surroundings.

Zuri’s work has taken her to India, Europe, the US and the Middle East, where she has worked on installations; as a landscaper; artist assistant; a permaculture farmer, ethnographer and environmental designer. With a background in urbanism and graphic design, she combines her fields of interest in ways that are sensitive and innovative. Working with digital collage, photography and drawing—as well as three-dimensional installation and botanical design—she is inspired and challenged by vast, open landscapes and their geopolitical qualities; the materiality of the city and its industrial processes; botanical patterns; geological forms and lastly, the innate biophilic tendencies present within us all.

Currently, she is working on a book exploring feral cities and wild urban spaces with Maela Ohana, and works at Obataimu, a slow fashion studio in South Bombay.