The Earth Issue collective presents a fresh take on Stella McCartney’s recyclable new style

Zero Waste Periods

‘‘I have done a lot of research, spent a lot of money and accidentally flushed a moon cup down the toilet in vein of searching for the best products and combinations for a more environmentally friendly time of the month. Sanitary pads, the most convenient option for many women can in some cases be made up of about 90% plastic - shockingly, this is the equivalent to four supermarket bags. If you are a woman who has pledged to be more ethical this year, then I recommend undertaking the change, its rewarding to know you are making a choice that is sustainable not just for the planet, but your pocket too. Use this as a handbook for some tried and tested products, but remember, every woman’s period is different. So see what works for you, and go with the - pun intended - flow.’’ - Isabelle Landicho

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