Alternative Fashion Month


Nothing New

Nothing new is a fashion story by The Earth Issue, art directed and styled by Isabelle Landicho and photographed by Elena Cremona.

Shot in and around Tottenham, it is an exploration of how one can engage with sustainability in an urban environment. As a North London native, Isabelle harbours a personal connection to the photographs as this is the neighbourhood in which she lives and works, finding nature and inspiration within her everyday reality.

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Aida Muluneh x WaterAid: Water Life

is the London denim line designed to transcend seasons

Hailing from East London, UK, I AND ME make short-run denim garments that emphasize quality and design alongside the reduction of water, chemical, and electrical use in production. Their collections are small love poems to the present moment, aesthetic statements that bring wearability, durability, interest, and grace into cohesive pieces made to wear for life. Each line is sustainably made, with cuts and profiles that blend and blur gender binaries and focus on the natural beauties of the human body, fabric, and colours.


Kyle Lang


Ethical Brands for Afro Hair

Ruth Campbell is a freelance makeup and hair artist with 9 years experience in all things beauty, working on a variety of skin tones and hair types and has just launched an all-natural brand called The Balm Company.