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The solution to the sustainable fashion slowdown

“I began to scratch the surface and wrestle with the idea of how I could ‘do my bit’ for the environment with the tools I have, how I could work for myself and, more importantly, how can I offer a concept that’s fresh and appealing”

Next up on Changing fashion from the inside is Sam Narr founder of Kibbo Kift Agency, a conscious creative communications agency that’s making environmentalism cool.


Ethical Brands for Afro Hair

Ruth Campbell is a freelance makeup and hair artist with 9 years experience in all things beauty, working on a variety of skin tones and hair types and has just launched an all-natural brand called The Balm Company.

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We don’t need to reiterate the stats. The fashion industry plays big part in the climate crisis and we need to be doing something about it.

Submissions are now open for conscious fashion editorials for #theearthissue online, the deadline is August 31st. Share and tag your friends!

We are accepting editorials that promote ethical, second hand and alternative fashion. Get creative and send your work either via a link in an email or attach it in a wetransfer link. Please include a statement about the work and a short bio about yourself.

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