The Earth Issue 002: IMPACT – a collaborative effort by The Earth Issue and Archive Collective.

Our second issue unpacks two forms of “impact”: both the positive and negative traces left by humanity on its natural environment in the context of the anthropocene, and the possibilities for environmentalist impact at the conjunction of art and activism.

As media consumption becomes increasingly fragmented, divisive, and delivered in indigestible portions of scrolling, statistics, news and op-eds, the simple act of switching off and pulling back from public discourse presents itself as an attractive alternative to the political fray. If there’s one thing we’ve learnt from our interviews with artists and ecologists while putting together this issue, it’s this: the most effective breed of environmentalism starts at home, so to speak, in cultivating a personal philosophy centered around applied ecology and purpose-driven, conscious engagement with one’s environment.

A-1 is an itinerant publishing house founded in 2017 in Bombay by urban ecologist Zuri Camille de Souza and photographer Jimmy Granger. Earlier this year, they launched a floating collaborative publishing house on a sailboat, an open platform centred around themes of landscapes, borders and coastal ecology.

Meet the Girlfriend collective - a Seattle based athleisure startup who have been producing upcycled leggings that are fashionable, flattering and wonderfully sustainable. These  seamless, non bobble leggings fit true to size, are high performance, and remarkably, sustainable. All of Girlfriend Collective’s activewear have been produced from recycled plastic bottles. By plastic bottles, Girlfriend Collective have forged a partnership with the recycling facility in Taiwan to responsibly source, and ensure that 100% post consumer PET plastic bottles are turned into the high performance polyester used in their range.

 “After a bunch of science stuff with names like “polymerization” you get a soft yarn that is not only recycled but is not dependent on petroleum for processing and has diverted bottles from the landfill.”

Latest Artists

Born in Paris in 1990 to a French-Greek father and an English-Scottish mother, Fiona Filipidis
is a documentary photographer working in Paris and London. Her practice is born out of collection, research, and empathic response. She looks for the image that happens before the actual taking of the picture – the escape to feeling. Most comfortable when surrounded by either trees or water, she is interested in nature, as well as the private worlds of the everyday. Fiona holds a BA in Photography from Icart Photo in Paris, and has just graduated from London College of Communication with an MA in Photojournalism and Documentary Photography. Her work has been exhibited in the South of France, Paris, and New York City amongst other places. Her latest project, To make a prairie, is an image/text book portraying our relationship with the honey bee throughout the years.the small plant forms with a botanists eye, often bringing seedlings home in his hankie. As these seedlings grew into a massive forest in suburbia, we grew up often traveling with dad on his business trips into the country, then afterwards going wild in the bush while he painted, as I got older I joined him, following him down tracks with my drawing board.’’ In 1996 she completed her Master of Arts at RMIT with ‘Intimate Patterns’ a body of work that looked at the connections between the human body and the natural world. She has exhibited in Australia, Asia and France over the past twenty-five years, and won the Moet and Chandon Australian Art Fellowship with a painting titled ‘Lung’, a reaction to the chemical fire on Coode island.