The Earth Issue collective presents a fresh take on Stella McCartney’s recyclable new style

Annushka Hardikar is an Illustrator and visual artist currently working out of her home/studio in Pune, India. She enjoys working subjects related to nature, animal conservation, everyday humour through narrative story-telling.

Kit Porter received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in painting from the University of the South in 2005. In addition to creating her own art, she has held positions in various sectors of the fine art world locally and internationally. She has had a lifelong relationship to the coastal environment, combing beaches around the world during her travels, paying particular attention to the beaches she has lived near in Southeastern North Carolina, the Lowcountry of South Carolina, the Northeast of Scotland, and in Houston, Texas where she currently resides. 

Through a personally developed abstract language, this body of work explores beauty and destruction of the coastal environment as experienced from a distance, and up close. Utilizing the aerial perspective for composition and memory, abstract landscape paintings of the coastal environment portray distance and disconnection from the environment. Materials found within the coastal environment including aluminum, cloth, rope, wood and of course plastic, are assembled to explore the up close experience of a coastal environment littered with marine debris. By removing oneself from the coastal environment, by seeing it from above, what is the experience? By immersing oneself in the coastal environment, what is the experience? These paintings whether up close and personal, or distant and removed, reflect the artist's emotional response to the beauty and simultaneous destruction of the coastal landscape. 

Latest Artists

Beric Henderson has an extensive background in both art and science. He received a PhD in 1990 (University of Sydney) and spent 25 years studying the molecular biology of human disease in Australia, Switzerland and Cambridge (UK). As an artist he has been consistently exhibiting and publishing his work since 2003 and moved into art full time in 2016. He has exhibited frequently with 13 solo and 50 group shows since 2003 and his artwork has been shortlisted for numerous art prizes (twice for the London International Creative Competition). He contributed to two
exhibitions held in Seoul, South Korea. Henderson has won some art prizes, presented artist talks at different institutions, and had his art published in international magazines and books and most recently a vinyl record cover for US electronic group Trees Speak. His nature-inspired artworks are held in institutional collections including the New Norcia Religious Art Collection (Western Australia) and Westmead Public Hospital (Sydney).